Linktastic (Or: I’m feeling crappy so I can’t really write….)

Ok, so today was a cruddy day. Ever heard of endometriosis? Well, I have it all bad like, and I therefore spent most of today unconscious. Fun for me! Today’s post, therefore, is admittedly a bit phoned-in (I’m pretty sure the spelling is going to be bad, too). Here are some interesting links about things you should know about. Enjoy! I’ll be back when I’m feeling better.

How to take multiple choice tests
The GRE is multiple choice, after all, so knowing how to effectively manage a multiple choice test is critical.

What is endometriosis?
The stupidest, worstest, most horrible thing afflicting my lower abdomen at the moment. That’s what it is.

Oh, man, is this a funny comic. Start at the beginning (his first ones are a bit strange–I think he was just doodling at first). They get really, really funny after awhile. Awesome!

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