Disaster Recovery

BrewSession is not off the ground in a professional capacity, therefore all the code is housed on a machine I have running on my home network. A week and a half ago that machine’s disk controller corrupted my data. Then I screwed up the backup copy of that data in the restore process. The data is almost surely still there, but it’s just beyond my knowledge system administration. I have acquaintances in the data-recovery business, so there is hope for a full restore.

I am upset about losing 4 months worth of hard work because we were planing to have a private alpha test next month. However, now that I have sixteen weeks of ruby programming experience recreating the project will not be difficult. With luck we will be able to roll out our alpha in early spring, 2007.

The lesson here is to test your restores before you need to.


3 thoughts on “Disaster Recovery”

  1. I’ve officially decided to start over and halt my brewsession recovery efforts. I still have some personal files I’d like to recover from the drive, but those can wait. 🙁

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