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I am at the beginning of pulling all the recipe bits together. Like some of the older brewing software available, you will be able to track each time you brew a particular recipe. I am calling each separate time a “brew session” and each recipe can have many brew sessions.

Part of the fun in making beer is participating in competitions. The BJCP sponsors hundreds of competitions each year and has given us generous permission to use their style guidelines in BrewSession. The results from each judge can be an invaluable tool for improving your beer. Tonight I set up the relationship that will let you enter and track each score sheet you receive. Each time you brew a beer you can attach any number of score sheets to that session. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could:

  • … track your recipe’s score variation over time?
  • … average the scores for all your sessions?
  • … view other member’s scores and recipes for the same style?
  • … check out how the judge scored other member’s brews in the same competition?

I am really excited about sharing recipes with members and seeing what links we can make.


3 thoughts on “Track your BJCP scoresheets”

  1. Will your application be stand-alone…or will it require a web connection?

  2. Hi Barry,

    Thanks for reading and congrats on being the first commenter đŸ˜‰

    The application will be web-based, and therefore require a connection. However, we are working closely with a group of open-source developers to integrate their stand-alone project with BrewSession. Looks like they don’t have a site up yet, but you will be able to find them at in the future.


  3. Actually…now that we’re further along, while yes, it will be still be a web based, we’re looking into having both a standalone app for recipe reading on PDAs and also enabling BrewSession to be run as an off-line web application via a technology such as Adobe Air.

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