Dumb software annoys me

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Has it ever occured to you that your brewing software should be smart enough to figure out what type of recipe you are composing? It bothers me that I have to change this for every recipe I make. Now, with a few simple rules BrewSession will determine if you are making an all grain or an extract with specialty grain (Ew/SG) or a whatever recipe. You will be able to override that guess, because well, you’re smarter than a computer, even if you are more lazy than a computer. 😉

This opens up the door to another little feature I’m excited about. BrewSession will present you with smart options about what extraction process corresponds to the recipe’s type. If the recipe is all grain you will get a full mash profile sheet, but for a Ew/SG there will be a simplified Extraction Details sheet. When BrewSession sees an extract recipe nothing of the sort will appear to reduce clutter and confusion. All of these nice options are controlled by the recipe type setting which you can leave up to BrewSession, or change for yourself:

BrewSession thinks this recipe is All Grain
Recipe Type Selector
Never mind the ugly colors and font, we will fix that.

Each time you add a grain, extract or adjunct BrewSession will check if the new fermentable alters the recipe type and updates accordingly. That makes one less thing that you have to change, getting you to brew-day faster.


2 thoughts on “Dumb software annoys me”

  1. I’m impressed with how much thought you are putting into this software! It’s really shaping up. I’m a relative newbie to Ruby on Rails, so I doubt I can offer any help. I’ve been using QBrew for quite a while, as it’s pretty much the only open source and multi platform brewing software. The fact that it’s free is a huge bonus. If you need any beta testers, let me know!


  2. Hey DT,

    Thanks for reading. I will put you on the list for beta testing. I expect it to take a few more months before we’re ready for that. BrewSession will be free to use and multi-platform. Happy brewing


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