Well it’s official…

Last last night I got an email from the secretary at Texas A&M University. You see, I applied for a PhD position there (haven’t heard that? Read my blog!) a few months back, and I’ve been waiting for my official notice. After that application was turned in, my future advisor, Dr. Tomberlin, called and said that there was the possibility of a lecturer position. The forensic entomology teacher just retired, and he figured that since I was interested in forensics, I could apply. Hmm…the first forensic entomology PhD in the country AND a job teaching the class? Sign me up!

So, I applied. What a pain in the ass! I had to get my resume all ready again and everything. I hate that crap. Then I heard nothing. It was a nation-wide search for the new lecturer, you see, so that takes time. Anyhow, I get an email from the secretary in charge of interviews yesterday, saying I made the list of candidates (Yay! They liked my resume!) and they would like to set up a phone interview. “How’s tomorrow at 2 p.m.?” “My time or yours?” “Ours.” So today at noon I sat nervously watching my cell phone, waiting for it to ring. They were late. GAH!!

Well, they finally call, and I spend the next hour answering questions about my teaching ability (“What was your best and your worst lecture?” “I don’t have any bad lectures…I’m amazing!”), my visions for the class (“What would you change about the class?” “Um, I haven’t taught it yet, so nothing?”) how I structure classes (“How do you teach graduate students versus undergrads?” “I use really big and really small words”) and what would be expected of the course (apparently they want it huge! I love ’em huge…).

So there I am, pacing in my office, laptop open to my resume and cheat sheet (did you know there’s a site online listing the 64 interview questions you need to know the answers to? It’s like homework for an interview! You should totally go. http://crackinterview.info/64Answers.htm) and the department’s website (why, yes, I’m completely familiar with your department and its 38 members. I could recite them now, if you like!). I’ve made it through 3 bottles of water, and I really have to pee. My office mate is pretending to read email as he eves drops on my interview, and won’t stop making faces at me. Bastard!

The interview ends with the standard “so, do you have any questions for us?” Which I did, damnit! How many TAs do I get? Can I have just one more? Please? Pretty please? And then the head of the department says “Well, I’m looking around and taking a silent vote. I’m seeing all nodes and a unanimous thumbs up. We would like to officially offer you the position.” Me: “Gggg…Wha…?!? Um, why, I’d be happy to accept. Thank you!” Then my future advisor comes on the line and says my PhD application is in committee, but that’s just a formality since I’ve already be accepted by the graduate department, and he’s looking forward to working with me. “Thank you!”

So everybody, it’s official. Dean and I will be moving to College Station, Texas the first week of January. We should party! (TOTALLY!!!)

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