Etsy–the insect lover’s dream!


So, I’m an entomologist. And like every person who has ever mentioned a liking for insects, I receive every insect-endowed product known to humankind. T-shirts, napkin rings, dish sets, glasses, hair barretts, pens, stationary, humerous signs, socks, throw rugs, decorative pillows, wallpaper, you name it. If it has an insect emblasonzed on it, I have probably owned it.

Now, don’t get me wrong…I love presents! It’s just that when you have an interest such as entomology, it seems that people’s sense of style goes right out the window. Some of these products are great–for years I had a plate set from Cost Plus with green dragon flies on it. Subtle, yet unique. However, most of the insect-related products are henious. Manufactuers seem to know three bugs, and three bugs only: ladybugs, butterflies, and dragonflies. Now, a group known to be the most diverse group of animals on the planet should have more than three representatives in the free market, don’t you think? They should also be represented by beautiful, useful products that catch the eye and delight the senses, not cheaply manufactured crap that you can’t even begin to know what to do with. (Seriously–what am I going to do with a string of 6 ladybug-shaped bean bags hanging on a hook? They don’t even look like lady bugs! And why would I hang bean bags from something, anyhow? Just because it’s a bug doesn’t mean it’s a good product! Put the ugly thing down!)

Then I discovered…a bastion of handmade items from all over the world. Do a search for “insect” and 140 pages of products come up. One hundred and forty! These aren’t your every day insect offerings, either. Sure, there is the fair share of ladybugs, butterflies and dragonflies, but those are mixed in with things like damsel fly handbags, housefly pendants, scarab beatle onesies, ant polos, cicida-wing necklaces, silver blowflies, and every type of t-shirt you could imagine. (The picture above is a green preying mantis bra top, $14. The artist even takes custom requests!)

It’s like nirvana for the bug lover–no longer will I dispair at the thought of 15 more pairs of cartoon butterfly socks. Never again will I force a smile for my third set of ladybug drinking cups (now with cutsy smiles and little shoes!). My worries are over! And just in time for Christmas!


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