Ah, if only I had time to be doing this…

So I had grand designs to blog a lot…especially given we’re out of touch with all our friends. What better way to let everyone know what we’re doing than a blog, right? Well, those plans changed the second I set foot on campus and realized “holy shit, I’ve got a class to write in 4 days!” So that’s what I’ve been doing–my office isn’t even decorated yet! How sad is that?

Oh, I have an office! And a pretty little plaque with my name all engraved on it, and a class of 130 eager students (and a few not-so-eager ones, too). Did you know that all football players sit in the back? I learned that today. And if you have football players in your class at TAMU, you get to have long, involved conversations with the team coach, who tells you that it’s imperative the best players pass, and then you get to say “well, they’ll pass just fine if they study” and he assures you they will, but you know deep down you’ll be dealing with this man come midterm time. Ah, the excitement of teaching at a big football school! At least I’ll get to see some of my students on TV.

Anyhow, just a quick update for all of you: our new addess is:

806 Navidad Apt. A
Bryan, TX 77801

You know what’s weird? (Other than I live on a street that means Christmas…that’s awesome!) I’ve never lived in a place that didn’t have a zip code starting with 9. Stupid new state.

Ok, I promise I’ll keep in touch. Oh, and to Dave–ha ha! You’re evil plan to call me during my lecture didn’t work! I totally remembered to turn off my phone! Of course, I saw you call, and I told my class you were calling to try and embarrass me, and that they should all turn off their cell phones, but whatever. It still didn’t work!

Miss you all–hopefully we’ll post pictures soon. Our landlord is a god’s-honest redneck! He has like 3 teeth and a molar! His biggest advice when we first moved in was “don’t wear a cowboy hat and sneakers–girls will just laugh at you.” Ah, I kinda love him.

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