Albino Cockroach Strikes Again!

Back in December I told you about the curse of the Albino Cockroach. Well, I told that story in my class this morning, and one of my wonderful students sent me this email:


One of my hissing cockroaches molted a couple of months ago, and I was
able to notice before she darkened back up. I got a couple of good
pictures of her. It was funny because my boyfriend noticed before me and
started freaking out saying that an albino cockroach killed one of my
roaches because he saw her skin sitting there all torn open and didn't
realize that the "albino" roach was actually still her. I thought I'd
share a picture with you in case you wanted to use it in a slideshow or
something. I don't know, I just thought maybe you could use it or
something. If not, that's cool.

So I thought I’d show it to all you (it is really a beautiful picture…)



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