Blood suckers create new jobs (See? Lice are good for something!)


Ah, lice. Those annoyingly itchy insects that seem common in grade school and sleep away camps, yet cause panic among the  parents of carriers. Who knew that something good could come of these buggers?

In a time when some are worried about jobs moving over seas, entrepreneurial  wonders have taken a look at the market and answered a demand: high-class lice grooming. While critics claim these salons perpetuate lice myths to create business, the salons are booming none the less. Professional nit-pickers (hee!) charge a whopping $95 per hour to thoroughly comb and check hair, all the while getting rid of nits and adults.

While I don’t know the efficacy of the treatments, nor do I think they are always necessary, I can’t help but admire the genius behind the idea. Who would have thought parasites would create a multi million dollar business?


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