Dean Moves

My wife got an offer to do her Forensic Entomology PhD at Texas A&M university. It is her dream job to teach and do Forensics work, and since I work from anywhere we packed up and moved to Bryan.

We arrived a week ago, signed a lease, dropped off the dogs and cats and headed to O’Bannon’s, a decent bar that we found during our October visit. It’s nice to be in a place where I can easily get Dogfish Head IPA, but this place does not have the beer diversity of the SF Bay Area. The change in cost of living is awesome though.

What does this mean for Brewsession?  Not a heck of a lot.  We have always been more of a virtual team that just happened to get together for beer a few times a month.  Further, since I have no friends here )-: I can devote more time to coding.  I will also do some friend-finding.  Danger: the municipal golf course is practically across the street.

Look for a resurgence of development work.


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