Bryan/College Station Homebrew Club

Analytics shows me that people come to my blog looking for information on homebrew clubs in the Bryan / College Station area of Texas. Since I am trying to start one up I thought it good to increase my pagerank with a little post about the new club.

[Edit 2010/04/17] The club is well-established, calling itself the Texas Aggieland Brew Club (TAbc).  We meet every third Friday of the month. [End Edit]

My wife and I moved to Bryan in January 2008 from San Jose, CA. I was part of the Sudzers homebrew club there, and upon arriving in the Bryan/College Station area I checked around for clubs. Not finding any I decided to try starting one. Using Craigslist and the TexAgs forum I quickly amassed a number of homebrewers.

Our first meeting happened in April with about 20 people showing up to brew beer. The second followed a month later and the third will be this weekend.

We do not have a name or web site yet, but I hope to decide upon that this weekend. If you want to learn about making beer, or like drinking good beer contact me. Follow this blog too, check the posts tagged brewing.

6 thoughts on “Bryan/College Station Homebrew Club”

  1. Oh man, I wish I could make it…

    Perhaps I’ll just sit here and drink my Great Divide Hercules IIPA and read my Haskell papers instead 😉

    Know any good brewers in Austin?


  2. Hey there Im moving to College Station soon and I was wondering if there was a Homebrew Supply store in the vicinity?

  3. Nope. The closest store is about 90 minutes away. I usually order from Austin Homebrew and get it in a day or so. Come to one of the club meetings when you get here – third Friday of every month.

  4. I bought a homebrew kit and found it has not yeast Any place in b/cs to get a small start up supply.

  5. Actually College Station does have a home brew supplier.
    They deliver same day by local courier. Also have bottles, hops, yeast, priming sugar and some other stuff. They have kits for sale on store shelves in Village Foods, a resale shop in downtown Bryan and some other places.

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