Hard-plumbing The Stand

Just a quick homebrew update.  My three-tier stand is great, but I kept melting hoses when they would touch the hot metal.  Luckily none ever burst and spewed hot wort all over, but I knew that was just a matter of time.

So a friend and I got out the torches and hard-plumbed the stand.  The hoses are now short jumpers that connect vessels to the center line.  Brewed a dunkelweiss with the new setup on Thursday.  Works well and no burned hoses.

Some eye candy:

2 thoughts on “Hard-plumbing The Stand”

  1. Hard piped coper is the way to go but dont forget about dissimular metals touching. Make sure you insulate or tape the copper where ever it comes close to the stand to make sure the tow don’t touch.

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