Something to celebrate in august

It’s been one hundred and forty-eight months since Adrienne had a hysterectomy. The last time I wrote about it was 2013, eight years ago. (Blogs were pretty much passé back then.) In 2009, the month after her operation, Adie wrote this:

There is no I-had-my-uterus-and-overies-taken-at-32-so-I-will-never-have-children-of-my-own day. If someone makes one, I hope it’s in August. I don’t have anything else to celebrate in August.


It’s August 11th again. Adrienne and I don’t exactly celebrate, but we do observe its passing. Today is a little melancholy for me. However, I am uplifted by all the people that send us little messages throughout the day. I’m grateful for each of you who, without prompting, send me a little “Happy Brundage Day” note. One friend just sends a single-word text on this day “Hi”. It helps me get by.

Thank you.

There is cause for celebration, of course. We are both fully vaccinated against COVID-19. (But the pandemic is on it’s fourth wave as the vaccine-hesitant heedlessly spread the disease.)

Adrienne is up for promotion soon. She runs one successful study abroad (pre-panda) and had a second lined up before the world got upended. We’re developing an educational video game together.

I failed at two businesses, and am trying again a third time. Learned a lot about running both, picked up some new friends along the way. I have a great business partner now.

So, yeah. We’re probably pretty good.

Who writes blogs these days? Thanks for reading.

One thought on “Something to celebrate in august”

  1. Damn it Dean, you did not fail at the businesses. Number one was pulled out from under you. Would you say you tripped if someone pulled the rug out?
    Number two wasn’t a failure but a reorganization into something you and your partner wanted more. Circumstances do not equal failure.
    I can snarl at you in person when this stupid virus goes underground.

    You are loved and believed in. Jonell and Bob.

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