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Science of the Obvious

If Mom Tells You What to Eat, You Probably Won't Get Fat

So, I guess there were some  articles published a while back that suggested that if mothers controlled what their kids ate, the kids got fat later in life. Um, what?

This new study says that those articles were a bit off–instead they took a mother’s response to her child’s weight gain (more control over what that child ate) and looked at it as the cause, not the effect of weight gain.

So, according to scientists, if mothers make their kids eat healthy, the kids won’t be fat. You mean to tell me that kids will only eat junk food if left to their own devices?!? That’s crazy talk! I’m left to my own devices all the time, and I totally eat healthy! Of course, I have a closet full of cookies, but that doesn’t count as eating. That’s snacking!


So, video games can ruin relationships? Wait, what?

Brigham Young University scientists have finally studied the obvious: people who play lots of video games don’t tend to have good interpersonal relationships. Really? This needed investigation? Have they ever tried having a relationship with someone who is addicted to a video game? I’m pretty sure there’s countless people out there who will happily lend antidotal evidence to this study.


All-you-can-eat may just cause obesity

Where do the grants for this come from? It has been recently reported that people who eat out often, especially at buffets or in cafeterias, and then don’t get enough exercise get fat.

The findings revealed that respondents who ate out often, especially at buffets, cafeterias and fast food restaurants, were more likely to be obese.



Kid's meals unhealthy. Wait, what?

So, just in case you thought the mini cheeseburger, small fries and a coke (with a toy!) constituted health food for your little one, scientists have decided to set you straight:

Only 3 percent of kids’ meals served at fast-food restaurants met federal dietary guidelines in the first study to examine the nutrient quality of such meals in a major U.S. metropolitan market.

Crazy talk!


Head Banging Raises Risk for Head and Neck Injury. And for Stupid Science.

Apparently wildly swinging your head to a fast beat can cause injury. Who knew? (You know, other than all the head bangers in the world who wake up with a sore neck the next day. Other than them). Apparently scientists felt the need to take some money and study this:

The researchers attended hard rock and heavy metal concerts including Motörhead, Ozzy Osbourne and Skid Row, and identified that the up-down style was the most common head banging technique. They constructed a theoretical head banging model of this popular style to examine the effect the range of head and neck motion has on injury severity. A focus group of ten musicians was used to calculate the average tempo of their favourite head banging songs.

The authors found that there is an increasing risk of neck injury beginning at tempos of 130 beats per minute related to the range of motion in the head banging style.

Oh, the humanity.